Due to the rapid change in the world economy most of the companies are struggling to meet up with their sales. Therefore, a large percentage of companies are downsizing and collapsing. Therefore, they are constantly looking for various methods to reduce the risk of their distribution process.

We are the one percent club,an association of entrepreneurs who are tied up with multiple e-commerce partners and are in the business of helping small, medium, and large-scale companies to optimize the risk of their distribution process with our decades of experiences.

At the present we have several risk optimization projects of medium and large -scale companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, Hp, Kent, JVC, Britol, MyHomePlus, Olik, Banago, SMC, FantasTeak, Prikka,and we are looking for few qualified candidates for our projects

Open For Interviews

Interview Process

First, we are going to educate you on our B2B and B2C processes and the end-to-end distribution process and risk optimization strategies and standard operating procedures. After that we will interview you to evaluate your level of understanding and clarity about our business projects, your willingness to learn and educate yourself, your decision making ability through multiple interviews before we decide to move forward with your application

Basic Required Qualifications

  • Good English communication skills.
  • Being able to work on remote set up with a stable internet connection.
  • Quick learner who can adapt to different environments
  • Outside the box thinker.

Other Qualifications which may benefit you

  • Teamwork, leadership, and management skills.
  • Knowledge and experience in E-commerce, advertising and marketing.
  • Financial literacy

Apply only and only if you are a serous applicant. Your applicant. Your applications must be sent to one of our associates and the interviews will be conducted over WhatsApp and Zoom

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